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Why leave bed? BRUNCH GODS provides delivery service on various days throughout the week. Delivery dates are announced on our Instagram, @THEBRUNCHGODS


Professional service, memorable experiences is our motto. We can accomodate a multitude of events: wedding, graduations, parties. Lets get your experience started.

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BRUNCH GODS explores unique food concepts with our one of a kind pop up events. An ever changing menu, the only thing that remains is bottomless mimosas. 



Founded in the Summer of 2017, BRUNCH GODS operates on two planes - a lifestyle brand for brunch culture and a food service company. We push the boundaries to provide customers with an unique and memorable experience. We offer an array of service such as Pop Up restaurants, event catering and delivery services. While we provide the highest quality food service, our brand prides itself on innovating in every aspect understanding that food only makes part of an event, 

BRUNCH GODS was founded by Kendall McKoy as an extension of himself. He incorporates art and culture into every BRUNCH GODS experience along with his personal philosophy of always giving customers more than they expect. Now with his team, he seeks to shift the current landscape of food and culture in the DMV area. 




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